Update zu den Protesten in Bangkok

Thailand’s anti- pro­test move­ment is still occu­py­ing several major inter­sec­tions throughout the city in an attempt to ‘shut­down’ .

Yes­ter­day, Sunday 23rd Febru­a­ry, an inci­dent occur­red at the Raja­pra­song pro­test site that resul­ted in some casu­al­ties and cau­sed inju­ries to others.

The major tou­rism sites, public trans­port and air­ports are open; and all pre-boo­ked excur­si­ons and trans­fers are ope­ra­ting as nor­mal.

While the pro­tests are taking place, we will con­ti­nue to con­tac­ts cli­ents arri­ving into Bang­kok to inform them of the loca­ti­on of the pro­tests, and to stron­gly advi­se them to avo­id the­se are­as along with other lar­ge gathe­rings and demons­tra­ti­ons. They will also be given our hot­line num­ber to call for more infor­ma­ti­on.