Erdbeben /​ Earthquake on Bali


A 6.0-magnitude (accord­ing to the U.S. Geo­lo­gi­cal Sur­vey) hit 100km sou­thwest of ear­ly today (Thurs­day 13th Octo­ber) ratt­ling buil­dings.

The epi­cent­re was in the oce­an south of Bali’s capi­tal , but no tsu­na­mi has been issued. Dama­ge to some buil­dings has been repor­ted and appro­xi­mate­ly 50 peop­le suf­fe­red minor inju­ries from fal­ling debris.

None of the hotels have been dama­ged and all the excur­si­ons are ope­ra­ting as nor­mal.
The boat trips around Bali are also ope­ra­ting as nor­mal. The only excep­ti­on is the Bali to Gili­cat cata­ma­ran which has been delay­ed, and may be can­cel­led, due to hig­her than nor­mal waves in the Strait.

The­re is the pos­si­bi­li­ty of afters­hocks and we will con­ti­nue to moni­tor the and pro­vi­de updates if necessa­ry.