Update Bangkok 04.11.2011

Bang­kok and Envi­rons

The rela­tively calm, but hot wea­ther con­di­ti­ons in Bang­kok and envi­rons have the­re­fo­re been hel­pful that no rains have added to the dai­ly increa­sing loca­ti­ons were floods have been able to creep into. Inner Bang­kok remains so far wit­hout flood. Howe­ver, during the last 48 hours, the situa­ti­on has not been pro­mi­sing as Chao­phra­ya River is still rising with the advent of high tides.

The sor­ry news of the Don Muang district, and per­ti­nent loca­les such as the Don Muang Air­port con­ti­nues to be floo­ded. Lak­si District, Nakon Pathom, Lam Luk­ka and Pathum Tha­ni are still inun­da­ted with waters that con­ti­nue to move from Cen­tral Thai­land.

Uthai Tha­ni

The City of Uthai Tha­ni is still serious­ly affec­ted by the flood. Even though the level of flood has drop­ped down, but it is still very high. We expect that the Coun­try Lake Resort and near­by tou­rist attrac­tions will be re-ope­ned by mid Decem­ber 2011.

Other Pro­vin­ces

Mean­while, it is note­wor­thy that other air­ports such as Suvarn­ab­hu­mi Air­port and other pro­vin­ci­al inter­na­tio­nal air­ports remain open, dry and ope­ra­tio­nal. The­re­fo­re, get­ting to the other nort­hern, sou­thern and north eas­tern desti­na­ti­ons could still be done, and encou­ra­ge via air trans­port. Tra­vel­ling to Ayutt­ha­ya via rails and road ways con­ti­nue to be ham­pe­red by floods. Major desti­na­ti­ons in the north such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, nor­the­as­tern capi­tals and sou­thern tour inte­rests are still avail­ab­le, with hotels offe­ring excep­tio­nal bar­gains, and pro­mo­ti­ons to high­light their offers.

Sou­thern play­grounds such as Phu­ket and Koh Samui are still wide­ly open and tour ope­ra­tors con­ti­nue to pro­vi­de excel­lent ser­vice.

Thailand Flood in Bangkok - News am 27. Oktober 2011

Ayutt­ha­ya is still floo­ded, but the water level the­re is redu­cing at a rate of appro­xi­mate­ly 10 inches per day, and is as low as 30cm in some pla­ces. The town still can’t be safe­ly visi­ted, though, so all Asia World sight­see­ing tours to Ayutt­ha­ya are sus­pen­ded until fur­ther noti­ce. Our sight­see­ing tours to Uthai Tha­ni are also sus­pen­ded, but our tours to Lop­bu­ri are now run­ning again. All other Asia World over­land tours are ope­ra­ting as nor­mal.

Some outer sub­urbs in the north and east of Bang­kok have been floo­ded, and Bangkok’s smal­ler domestic air­port, Don Muang, has been floo­ded and so is clo­sed until fur­ther noti­ce. The two main air­lines that use Don Muang are Nok Air and Ori­ent Thai Air­lines. All flights sche­du­led to lea­ve or arri­ve at Don Muang will use Bangkok’s main air­port, Suvarn­ab­hu­mi, ins­tead.

Bangkok’s main inter­na­tio­nal air­port, Suvarn­ab­hu­mi, is cur­r­ent­ly not floo­ded and is ope­ra­ting as nor­mal.

Some floo­ding has been seen in cen­tral Bang­kok in low lying are­as near the river banks, inclu­ding some streets near the Grand Palace and some other temp­les. As such, the fol­lo­wing Bang­kok sight­see­ing tours are sus­pen­ded:

  • Bang­kok City and Temp­les
  • Grand Palace
  • Grand Palace & Temp­le
  • Klongs (Canals) Tour
  • Klongs (Canals) and Grand Palace
  • All Din­ner Crui­ses
  • Ayutt­ha­ya Day Tour
  • Ayutt­ha­ya Crui­se
  • Our cycling trips around Bang­kok

Cha­tuchak Wee­kend Mar­ket is also clo­sed this wee­kend as a safe­ty pre­cau­ti­on.

We are moni­to­ring the situa­ti­on very clo­se­ly and, as always, the safe­ty of our cli­ents is our num­ber one prio­ri­ty. If the situa­ti­on chan­ges in Bang­kok or any other part of Thai­land we will update you as soon as pos­si­ble, and we have very care­ful con­tin­gen­cy plans in place in case the floo­ding gets wor­se.

The floo­ded high­ways in Cen­tral Thai­land are star­ting to clear, with some sec­tions that were pre­vious­ly floo­ded beco­m­ing acces­si­ble. Asia High­way No. 1 is almost clear now, but for safe­ty rea­sons Our clas­sic Bang­kok to the North over­land tour is still being re-rou­t­ed along high­way 340. We expect to revert back to the ori­gi­nal rou­ting from Novem­ber onwards.

All trains from Bang­kok to the north of Thai­land are can­cel­led until fur­ther noti­ce.

Else­whe­re in Thai­land, inclu­ding the north and the sou­thern islands and beaches such as Phu­ket and Koh Samui, the­re are no floods and ever­ything is 100% safe and nor­mal.