Myanmar testet Visa-on-Arrival

Flug nach Myanmar einem atemberaubenden Land
Flug nach Yangoon

Ab Okto­ber 2019 kön­nen Urlau­ber aus Deutsch­land, Ita­li­en, Spa­ni­en, der Schweiz, Russ­land und Aus­tra­li­en am Flug­ha­fen Yangoon das Visum für die  ein­ma­li­ge Ein­rei­se nach Myan­mar erhal­ten.

Das Visum kos­tet wäh­rend der Test­pha­se ca 50 USD, und ist für die ein­ma­li­ge Ein­rei­se gül­tig. Bis­her konn­ten nur Geschäfts­rei­sen­de das Visum on Arri­val nut­zen.

Wir pla­nen Ihre Myanmar­rei­se fra­gen Sie an 



Feiertage Asien Oktober 2014



02 Octo­ber 2014
Gan­dhi Jayan­ti

03 Octo­ber 2014

23 Octo­ber 2014


05 Octo­ber 2014
Idul Adha

08 Octo­ber 2014
Hari Raya Pager­we­si

25 Octo­ber 2014
Isla­mic New Year


08 Octo­ber 2014
Full Moon of Tha­din­gyut


08 Octo­ber 2014
End of Bud­dhist Lent Day
(Boun Ok Pan­sa)*

09 Octo­ber 2014
Boat Racing Fes­ti­val
(Boun Song Huea)*

* For Vien­tia­ne only


15 Octo­ber 2014
King Siha­nouk Mour­ning Day

23 Octo­ber 2014
Paris Agree­ment

29 Octo­ber 2014
King Coro­na­ti­on


23 Octo­ber 2014
Chul­along­korn Day

Ein VISA bei Einreise nach Myanmar

It has been announ­ced by the Myan­mar minis­try of immi­gra­ti­on that they will not be accep­t­ing pre-arran­ged visa on arri­val from now on.

This announ­ce­ment is due to the recent ope­ning of the e-visa online which has been working well. Howe­ver this crea­tes a dif­fi­cul­ty for tho­se coun­tries not yet on the e-visa eli­gi­ble list. The government is being made awa­re of this and has announ­ced that they will be ope­ning the e-visa to more coun­tries and we hope it will be soon though we do not have any dates yet. The local Myan­mar tra­vel agent orga­ni­za­ti­on ( UMTA) is working to encou­ra­ge this also.

As it is a new announ­ce­ment, and the minis­tries are get­ting feed­back and being made awa­re of tho­se dif­fi­cul­ties which may exist (pri­ma­ri­ly for tho­se coun­tries not on the eli­gi­ble list) the­re may well be adjust­ments for the poli­cy in the com­ing days and we will let you know if and when they occur.

In the mean­ti­me, tho­se eli­gi­ble should app­ly for e-visa and for tho­se not yet eli­gi­ble for e-visa and with FIT or groups com­ing, plea­se con­tact us for update infor­ma­ti­on. As the situa­ti­on exists, tho­se com­ing from non-eli­gi­ble coun­tries would need to app­ly at an over­se­as Myan­mar embas­sy.

Coun­tries cur­r­ent­ly eli­gi­ble:
Aus­tra­lia, Ban­gla­desh, Bel­gi­um, Bra­zil, Bru­nei, Cam­bo­dia, Cana­da, Chi­na, Czech, Den­mark, Egypt, Fin­land, Fran­ce, Ger­ma­ny, India, Indo­ne­sia, Isra­el, Ita­ly, Japan, Korea (DPR), Korea (Repu­blic), Kuwait, Laos, Malay­sia, Nepal, Nether­lands New Zea­land, Nor­way, Paki­stan, Phil­ip­pi­nes, Poland, Rus­sia, Sau­di Ara­bia, Ser­bia, Sin­g­a­po­re, Spain, Sri Lan­ka, Switz­er­land, Thai­land, Tur­key, United King­dom, United Sta­te of Ame­ri­ca, Viet­nam.

Myanmar: kein Visa on arrival mehr

A new poli­cy rela­ted to Visa on arri­val (VOA) for tou­rists in Myan­mar has just been issued and imme­dia­te­ly app­lied by the Immi­gra­ti­on Depart­ment under the Minis­try of Home Affairs. Accord­in­gly, new VOA app­li­ca­ti­ons will now be rejec­ted for F.I.T. tra­vel­lers, howe­ver groups of 10 or more can still app­ly for a VOA as nor­mal.

Hence, all tou­rists tra­vel­ling to Myan­mar as inde­pen­dent tra­vel­lers, or in groups of less that 10, should app­ly for a Visa to Myan­mar at the clo­sest Myan­mar Embas­sy. The Minis­try of Hotel and Tou­rism is fina­li­zing the new poli­cy which will be offi­ci­al­ly announ­ced soon.

Myanmar-Visum frühzeitig beantragen

Wer nach Myan­mar rei­sen möch­te, soll­te sich noch frü­her als sonst um sein Visum küm­mern. Wie das Aus­wär­ti­ge Amt mel­det, hat die Zahl der bei der Bot­schaft von Myan­mar in Ber­lin ein­ge­hen­den Visa­an­trä­ge in den ver­gan­ge­nen Mona­ten stark zuge­nom­men. Die Bot­schaft sei des­halb der­zeit nur sehr ein­ge­schränkt in der Lage, tele­fo­ni­sche oder E-Mail-Anfra­gen zum Stand eines Antrags zu beant­wor­ten. Über­dies kann die Bear­bei­tung des Antrags und die Rück­sen­dung des Pas­ses der­zeit meh­re­re Wochen in Anspruch neh­men; Rei­sen­de soll­ten die­ses bei ihrer Rei­se­pla­nung ent­spre­chend berück­sich­ti­gen.


Asiatische Feiertage im Januar


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)

- Unab­hän­gig­keits­tag (04.01.2013) 

- Neu­jahr der Karen/​Kayin (12.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)

- Geburts­tag des Pro­phe­ten Moha­med (24.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)

- Gedenk­tag an den Geno­zid (07.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)


- Neu­jahr (01.01.2013)

mit der Mastercard Bargeld aus dem ATM Automaten in Yangoon & Mandalay

Late last week it was announ­ced that as of 15th Novem­ber any for­eign visi­tor can use Mas­ter­Card to with­draw cash in MMK from avail­ab­le CB Bank ATM machi­nes in Yan­gon & Man­da­lay main­ly.

One can with­draw a maxi­mum of MMK300,000.- in one time, and a maxi­mum of 3 times per day.

Cur­r­ent­ly, over 30 such ATM out­lets are avail­ab­le. To obtain a list of their exact loca­li­ties you can visit the fol­lo­wing web­site: www​.face​book​.com/​C​B​B​a​n​k​m​y​a​n​mar or www​.cbbankmm​.com

It was fur­ther announ­ced that in pre­pa­ra­ti­on of next year’s SEA Games, Decem­ber 2013, whe­re Myan­mar is host coun­try, visi­tors will be able to make full use of their Mas­ter­Card for any pay­ment tran­sac­tion.

Changes in Border Crossing Regulations in Myanmar

The Myan­mar Government has recent­ly revi­sed their rules and regu­la­ti­ons regar­ding Bor­der Crossing effec­tive from 01 July 2011.

All tra­velers ent­e­ring Myan­mar are requi­red to exit the coun­try through the same bor­der.  E.g. cli­ents ent­e­ring  the coun­try from Tachi­lek will have to lea­ve Myan­mar through Tachi­lek. Flights from any other air­ports or over­land bor­der crossings will not be allo­wed.

The above men­tio­ned regu­la­ti­ons are valid with imme­dia­te effect for an inde­fi­ni­te peri­od of time.
We will keep you infor­med about any other deve­lop­ments.

If you need any fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on plea­se con­tact your sales per­son in char­ge.

Myanmar Visa on arrival eingestellt

Bis auf Wei­te­res wird KEIN Visum bei Ein­rei­se am Flug­ha­fen Yan­gon mehr erteilt. Des­halb ist es also wie­der zwin­gend erfor­der­lich, das Visum vor­ab in Deutsch­land auf dem Post­weg zu bean­tra­gen. Die Anträ­ge wer­den gewohnt schnell bear­bei­tet - es gibt der­zeit kei­ne Ein­schrän­kun­gen.